School Of Appropriate Bici-Technology (SAB)

Bici-Tec’s School of Appropriate Bici-Technology (SAB) is a eight-week program in San Andrés Itzapa, Guatemala. Local and international students will work side-by-side to deepen their understanding of the challenges faced by rural families, the theory and application of appropriate technology, and the design and fabrication of bicimáquinas (pedal-powered machines), as environmentally sustainable labor-saving solutions. Participants designed and built a selection of bicimáquinas, drawing from existing designs and exploring new innovations.

The school is an incubator for pedal-powered appropriate technology, and expands the reach of this innovative technology in Guatemala and around the world. SAB achieves this by training people to design and produce bicimáquinas. This school is not an academic program, but is a hands-on experiential program in which students will learn to build bicycle machines and to apply them in the rural Guatemalan context. Pedal-powered machines are effective tools for community empowerment and family-scaled economic development. This school brings together international and local students from the Global South and Global North to develop experiential skills in designing, fabricating and applying bici-technology, so they can spread this technology in their own communities. The elements needed for pedal-powered machines exist almost everywhere – used bikes, metal stock, mechanical implements – the element missing in many communities is the knowledge to design and build bicimáquinas, and that is where SAB comes in.

As a student at SAB you will study with one of the world leaders in pedal-powered technology, Carlos Marroquin. You will visit sites where families and microenterprises are using bicimáquinas, and live in a traditional Guatemalan town immersed in Mayan culture.