Bici-Tec was founded by Carlos Marroquin in January 2012 as a small business with a social impact. After 15 years of work with Maya Pedal, Carlos left Maya Pedal to open Bici-Tec, a new enterprise that aims to further the growth of bicimáquina technology in Guatemala and the world. Bici-Tec runs a bicycle shop, a bicimáquina fabrication workshop and a School of Appropriate Bici-Technology.

Bici-Tec is run by Carlos Marroquin and his family, with the support of an Advisory Board composed of constituents and stakeholders, and an international working group that provides logistical and technical support.

Bici-Tec is an exciting continuation of Carlos Marroquin’s deep commitment to develop culturally appropriate bici-technology that furthers sustainable rural development in Guatemala and around the world.