Bicycle machines

What are bicimáquinas?

Bicimáquinas is the Spanish term for “Bicycle Machines”. Bicimáquinas offer a speedy alternative to difficult tedious tasks that would otherwise would be done manually. The machines allow farmers to decrease processing time thus increasing their revenue. Bicimáquinas are a middle ground between the artisanal and the industrial, offering an efficient emissions-free solution for arduous tasks without removing the human element from the equation.

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The bici-blender can process foods at a speed of 6400 rotations per minute. This machines creates economic opportunities for families and is being used to produce consumer products ranging from fresh smoothies to organic shampoos.



The mill grinds up to 3lb per minute of any type of grain or food, speeding up the production process, and giving the farmer control over more stages of production. This increases the family’s gains for their crops. This farm tool is the machine base for the corn dehusker, so the two machines can be purchased as one unit with interchangeable parts.

Bici-Coffee Depulper


This bicimáquina is used to remove the shell of coffee beans at an output of 4 bushels per hour. This production aid allows farmers to produce their own parchment coffee and get better returns on their crops.

Bici-Water Pump (Rosary model)


This pump can bring up 5 to 10 gallons of water per minute in a well up to 30 meters deep. This system greatly reduces the time and labour involved in gathering water for daily use.

Mini Bici-Water Pump


This lightweight well pump can bring up 5 to 7 gallons of water a minute. It can pump from a depth of 5 meters and up to a roof deposit up to 12 meters high. A portable version for field irrigation is also available.

Bici- Corn Dekerneller


This Bicimáquina is very practical for production on family farms. The dekernler shells up to 25 bushels of corn in one sitting, with one operator, saving women days of difficult manual labour during yearly harvest.

Bici-Coconut Grater


This machine quickly and easily grater coconut for cooking, garnishes and for a refreshing coconut smoothie.

Bici-Macadamia Desheller


The machine de-shells macadamia nuts in a way that is both time efficient and cost effective. The machine works by the operator dumping the macadamia nuts with their shells into the front. Then, while the nuts travel down and around the tire, the pressure pops the shells off. At the end you get de-shelled macadamia nuts which farmers can sell for a higher profit that the nuts with the shells still on.

Bike Taxi


We also build bike taxis and other bike mobility devices. These are a great opportunity for micro-enterprises, and are a non-polluting form of taxi transportation!